Sunday, October 4, 2009

alright the cherry apron baked today

I know that I said on my last post that I was going to bake chocolate chip cookies but that is a huge lie considering I looked in my moms kitchen so I made yellow cake I am to lazy to make the frosting now but I did make the cake it wasn't the recipe that I normally make but oh well my food tasters sure liked it! and when dad is happy and says something is good then you know youve done a good job! anyways Tuesday I have a church meeting and I'm going to make peanut blossoms anyways it is not a nut don't worry it's cookies with chocolate stars ( how I have grown up having them) or Chocolate kisses whichever one you can get your fingers on first! anyways I'm exhausted and I have to get this resturant open! We are opening Aubrey again on Thursday so in the mist of preparing I am writing this blog!
I have to go now
Until the next tal tale from the Girl with the cherry apron!