Sunday, November 29, 2009

I thought that I would enlightened everyone with a recipe

so much to do so little time? is that the question you ask yourself when your thinking of the big question! that is WHAT AM I going to make for dinner? well I have the answer!
I have a great recipe that was given to me by a lady that comes into lucys I don't know her name but I tried this and twicked what she gave me and made this my own!
it is called TACO SOUP!
Taco Soup
1lb Ground Beef
1 onion chopped
2 pkg taco Seasoning( Taco bell) or whatever one you like
1 pkg Ranch mix
2cans pinto beans
1 can kernal corn
1 can white hominy
2 cans mexican stewed tomatoes
2 cups of water
Simmer in crock pot for 45 minutes
1) In a crockpot put half ranch mix and 1 pkg of Taco seasoning and let that simmer until the hamburger meat is brown
2) Brown meat add onion, ranch mix and taco seasoning and 1 can stewed tomatoes add a little bit of pinto bean juice!
3) Add other veggies to crockpot of water and seasonings
4) Add beef, Tom, Onions to veggie mixture and simmer 45 minutes on high heat
Serve with hint of lime tortilla chips and mexican cheese on top!
it is great and I loved making it!
everyone who had some just loved it!
ok now on to my post!
I developed a 4 star desert for thanksgiving! those of you who have been in lucys before and who have devoured the frozen lucy and the strawberry lucy well I invented the pumpkin lucy and everyone who devoured this invention loved it! my father said that I'm turning into my mother! I wanted to bring something and I thought why not develop a desert so I put my thinking cap on and if you know me real well you know that is scarey sometimes! and came up with it on a piece of paper and with the help of my mother when I made it I came up with it!
so there ya go!
that is my baking adventure for today
so until the next one I will leave you with it doesn't hurt to try
The girl with the cherry apron!