Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Gobble Gobble says the turkey! ;) Happy thanksgiving eve or happy thanksgiving! I have survived insanity week in the bakeroom! GO ME! This morning there were three K crockers in the bakeroom! MOM who is BLKC Knox who is Lil K crocker! and Me who is just K crocker! We have had people picking up orders all day long! It has ran smoothly! I'm very happy! Knox helped aunt Kinney make a bunt cake for tomorrow and cracked some eggs for gamma! He also made a dozen Rolls for Gamma! it's for us at home! Knox even ate row cake batter! It was good too! Now there is not much going on so I'm updating my blog!
K crocker!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The calm before the storm!

Tomorrow starts an extremely busy week~! Thanksgiving! We have to get orders out! I worked alot more hours this week but hey it's money and it's closer to me getting my car back! I'm excited about that! Bakeworld with Amy is going well! I sure do miss Shelly though but I love working with Amy as well! we do our little dances and sing while we work and it's fun!
I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Whew what a day!

Man today started early because it was christmas on main!
here is a picture of dad! Christmas on Main was a huge success thank you for everyone who came out to support the community and mainstreet! it means alot!
I also got to see Shelly today YAY!!!!!!!!!
I also changed the background of the blog and stuff!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh no I'm turning into the grinch!

SO... there is a reasoning to my caption I promise!
today was a busy day in bakeworld! Amy and I worked our tales off today! we got 1 chocolate 1 coconut 2 lemons and 5 pecans done by 130! then I made mini sugar cookies for the christmas on main! used red and green sugar and my fingers turned green so I was kidding about my fingers being green! so i said I was turning into the grinch!
Anyways I don't have much to say
Ta ta!

Monday, November 14, 2011

OH NO!!!! Where has the time gone?

It's been 5 days since I have blogged!Bad me! I have been lazy and tired and I have forgotten and neglected my blog! anyway! Things are going well with Amy! Today I had two very special and precious visitors for lunch! Knox and M came over to have lunch with me! It was nice to eat with them! I had to share my bread with M and my chips with Knox! He was a stinker and he tried stealing them! I'm staying till 4 for Milton so he can get stuff done! We didn't have much to do in bake world so I was able to let him go home at 1 and stay for him! the time has gone by really fast so I'm not complaining! I'm just bored!
anyway I have to go now!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The tall tale of the spotted lemon!

SO.. today has been a great day and it has been kind of boring all at the same time! I also took the opportunity to do some much needed cleaning in the bakeroom! <3 I'm actually taking a break from pie crusts because my feet hurt! I need some more shoe support because these insoles aren't doin it! SO..... I was also zesting a lemon for our lemon cream pie and I called the lemons a spotted lemon! so I thought it would be a cute caption for todays blog post! Amy isn't back to work today because her son is sick! I hope he feels better soon! Milton is sitting here right across from me just staring into space!
Well I'm gonna have a cup of tea and get back to work!
K crocker!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Here's my second blog post since I promised to blog more Shelly!

Today was rather wierd it was my first day without Shelly! Amy comes back tomorrow and it's just the two of us from now on! I think we will make a good team! I am working until 5 today so thats why I'm blogging now it's quiet so I thought I would take the opportunity to blog. I didn't get alot done today because I was on the floor! but I did get cake layers made and I made a batch of buttermilk! the last batch was froze and our buttermilks can't be frozen because they are a custard pie and it wouldn't taste good after being in the freezer! I have about an hour left of work and it's been a good day but I want to go home and be with my cats!
I don't have much of anything else to say!
so enjoy reading!
K crocker!

Monday, November 7, 2011

My Last day with Shelly

 It has come! :( Shelly has left the world of K crocker~ we are still great friends she is going to her new job! I wish her all the best but she will be missed! I now have a new wonderful lady named Amy! She is awesome! she had dough and rolls down the first day she started so she will do just fine in the world of K crocker! She is an excellent fit! Today has been a mellow and good day in the bakeroom I'm now a floater~! like today I was done in the BR so I let Milton go home and I'm staying till 4! because there are not enough hours to make 40 hours in the bakeroom! I will try to update my blog more! but I've been slacking! I think I need to watch Julie and Julia because thats the oringal modivation behind this blog! I need to get inspired and modivated again! I think I still have it in my dvr I will have to check or maybe I can just ask for the dvd for christmas! Hmmmmm! thats a strong possiblity!
anyways I have to go now
K crocker

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Last Week with Shelly

I regret to inform everyone that my baking buddy Shelly is leaving the world of K crocker. She has gotten another job and next Monday is her last day! I asked Milton if he missed her and he said do I miss anyone? Well I take that as a yes! Milton will now be known as Geoff he decided to have his name changed in blogging world. Shelly and I are still great friends and we will be hanging out we just wont be working together. So I'm by my self until we find someone else to put back in the world of K crocker. Yesterday was halloween and man it was fun we took some cute pictures all day. Today was back to Normal I made 8 Pecan pies, a batch of sugar cookies and a double batch of chocolate chip cookies and I was done with everything by 230 so I relieved Milton and let him to go home. I'm now working until 5 every day so I will either be baking until then or relieving Milton and telling him to head home and I have it from here. It has been along time since you have heard from me and I'm sorry I have just been busy with work and life but I will try to get better at blogging. I find it relaxing. Our busiet time of year is coming up and that is from thanksgiving until after christmas then things slow down again. I will be missing my other commitments I think because of how busy things will be in the next couple of weeks.
I hope everyone is doing well
and I will see you next time!
K crocker