Sunday, October 2, 2011

Update! time for K Mae Crocker Bakes!

Are you ready for an update?
Well if you aren't your getting one! so sit down and read and laugh while your doing it! Today in bake world was mellow which is always awesome and a delight! This week was crazy busy and I'm tuckered to the extreme! Shelly and I worked hard and we both made those deserts and pies and whatever Boss Lady Krys Crocker gave us! Lil Knox Crocker my nephew learned how to crack eggs last week so when he is here I hear I do it or My turn! So I let him crack those eggs! We always have to pull out shells but hey he wants to learn so we let him! Next week is bonnie and clyde days and it should be light and mellow in the bakeroom but like I said who knows!
anyway I have to go now!