Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bake world lately

Bake world has been great! From Thursday to Yesterday we have had family in town so I have been caught up in bake world so that means not much to do! but today I had a wonderful day it was split up because I did rolls and the case and then I went to workout, because If I don't work on my girlish figure I can't taste test the cookies I make! LOL! anyway I have also been baking with music in the background. It varies anywhere from classic country to Posion. I haven't sang beat it while mixing frosting ina while but that will come tomorrow when I make mom frosting for the cakes. Today I also made peanut butter cookies I also put in an extra scoop in because it's for loven. It makes the cookie extra special.
I have to go now

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!

Today I made a memory with mom! We baked things for tomorrow listening to music and it was awesome! It was busy today! Yesterday was dad's birthday and he talked about the four cupcakes he had at dinner tonight! I wish I would have gotten a picture of Mini eating his cupcake because he made a ball and then stuffed the cupcake in his little mouth. Addi got so mad until she got hers! I made a lemon chess pie for tomorrow! Macy's birthday is Monday and I made her cake today and it's not my sister don't worry! she works for us! I also made cupcakes for Miltons family tomorrow as well! and I frosted them! I made dough and rolls and cake layers and no explosion today which is a good thing!
Anyway I have to go now
Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hi! From Baker Kinley~!

Today is blog day for some reason! I have been itching to write but haven't been modivated. I am getting ready for some special visitors to come in a whole week I can't wait. Dad's birthday is Friday then it's the weekend and then Thursday of next week uncle Mike and Aunt Jan come for like 5 days! SO I'm stocking the bakeroom to the max. I have done rolls, creamed two pies, did dough, baked two carrots cakes and a batch of cakelayers and it's not even 2 O clock! I'm speedy according to Milton! I'm staying till 5 today and then my sister and I are going shopping!
Well bakeworld was quite light today!
so I have to go now