Thursday, June 30, 2011

A couple days behind! Oh my!

Tuesday we delivered 16 cakes to the hopsital it was a big order but it was easy!
Three of Us delivered them!
Yesturday was an easy day in the bakeroom we got alot done!
and today  I also got alot done I did cake layers by myself Shelly would be so proud!
Monday was also powdered sugar day!
anyways not much to say
Gotta go!

Monday, June 27, 2011

powered up today!

Guess what K crocker had to do! Sift 6 batches of powdered sugar why you ask because the powdered sugar was clumpy so I was slave labor! if you don't believe me here is the proof! it was hard work!~ Mom had to take a picture and happened to have her camera so she snapped!
I have had a good week and it's only the beginning but I had to share this kodak moment!
can't wait to go and enjoy a freshly mopped bake room in the am!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bakers Rant!

So... remember when we had those 300 cupcakes to do in two days! well on Friday we have 150 people coming for FREE DESERT and guess who gets to bake the stuff and work it for the resturant K CROCKER and SHELLY! Then Tuesday we have 16 cakes going out for 500 people! We have all of that on top of our other baking! We are going to be waiting for the weekend to come so we can have our day off and get some sleep! We have a couple of busy days coming up!
Anyway thats all my ranting for now!
thank you for reading!
K Crocker!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sorry it has taken so long!

Man it sure feels like forever! Sorry I haven't updated in a while but I honestly forget and then I just go to sleep! but not tonight! Last week was rather mellow! this week on the other hand we are doing deserts for 150 people on Friday night! Guess who gets to work a split! yeap you read right it's K crocker! Today I was by my self! I got a lot done and stayed a long time but I'm happy with what I accomplished! I got my pandora back on my phone! So tomorrow Shelly and I will be listening to our michael Jackson music! and I get to learn how to make mini cupcakes! oh joy! It is nice because we finally have the freezer organized! I did burn some rolls this morning! OOOOPS!!!!! K crocker is not perfect youguys I mess up just like everyone else! I also burned some chocolate chip cookies because they sat on the tray to long and I didn't watch the time closely!
So theres an update
Be back hopefully tomorrow
K Crocker!

Friday, June 10, 2011

man it's been a while!

It's been over 10 days since I have updated! sorry but It's been busy!
Tonight I went over to Gunter for dinner and ended up being slave labor! sorry mom theres no other way to put it!
Today I was by my self in the bakeroom!
We had one loney toon on the floor and we had another lady checking the door every five minutes because her friend was driving by!
Shelly was gone and she was missed!
anyways thats all for now!
K crocker

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

K crocker is not feeling the best today!

Today was rather mellow! I'm back at work though because Geoff had to go to Dallas so I'm covering till 5 I wouldn't have the computer out but since I've been back since 2 we have had three customers and I'm bored! This morning I went into work late because Mr. Knoxamillion spent the night! we had to go and get breakfast!

I came in and did crusts and then I started four doughs! Shelly and I were done by 1. SO I wasn't feeling well so I called the doctor and I have an apt in the am! late for work again tomorrow! but tomorrow it's my health not breakfast I promise! I think I need to get checked out! Knox had strep throat last week, a cold this week and Princess Addi has pneouma and I have been kissing them and around them! So needless to say I need to be safe and get checked! I think I have a sinus infection! ;( ucky uck!

Destiny my godsister comes to stay with me Friday and I'm so excited we have so much fun together! ;)
Anyways thats all for today
K Mae Crocker!