Sunday, September 27, 2009

taking a bit of a break

I know that I said that I would bake every sunday but thats not the case! the last two weeks I have been busy and last sunday we ate brownies out of a box! scarey I know but today I might be making rice crispy treats! but my next biggest venture will be chocolate chip cookies!
I have to go now
the girl with the cherry apron!

Monday, September 7, 2009

special Monday Post

I felt like posting today but I had a huge flop! for the first time in my work baking career! I made cream pies and the chocolate ones were thick but the coconut NOT SO MUCH! I floped and I don't even know what I did or why it was really runny! I normally make them and they turn out great but today it was a nightmare! so I may have to remake them tomorrow because they were runny! :( It was bad! the lady I work with Yvonne even didn't know what I did! like I said I flopped! maybe tomorrow or the next day I will get it right! I'm not perfect well really no one is! :) I was thinking in my head why didn't I get this right? but no answer came to mind!
well i"m going to go
until the next bake time report
the girl with the cherry apron

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Miss Kinley Mae Crocker Day One

Alright so today I was like you know what I'm going to make oatmeal cookies because I feel like it! so I went to food and found the easiest recipe I could find! SO I got my shopping list and went to Diamond and bought the stuff I needed and I came home and started making the cookies! And a note to myself is before I make cookies again buy my self two or three cookies sheets it is nearly impossible to bake tweleve cookies with one bake pan! If you know me you know that I bake every single day and I make a pretty big mess! SO..... you ask why do you want to do this? well I have a kitchen that I can do it in and just because I feel like it! My parents and Lisa who owns Mecca had some cookies maybe I will even ship them to Chicago sometime to Lynne so that I don't leave her out! I took pictures of the process! and I even put on an apron that has cherries on it! My name may be Miss KinleyMae Crocker but I just thought of a great blog name it's called the girl with the Cherry apron! :) if you have a facebook check out my pictures of the yummy oatmeal cookies! :)
well I'm going to try this every sunday unless I have something to do! :)
Well I have to go now
until the next tall tale from
The girl with the cherry apron