Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is it sad to be in vacation mode already when I have four days left?

Yeap you read the caption right! I'm in vacation mode! I'm annoying everyone with count downs but I'm so excited I can't stand it and I'm looking forward to my week in paradise! I've been busy getting the baked good ready so Shelly can have an easy week! SO Saturday at 330 in the am I leave for the airport and head to Florida where paradise awaits! I'm still at work I would be at home but dad had other plans and asked me to stay until they come back from Denton! you see we are doing a catering event on Tuesday while we are gone and dad had to take Haven and Geof to show them the kitchen! So I'm sitting in the restaurant having my quiet time writing this post! We need rain so dang bad and it comes in bits and pieces but I'm ready for it just to pour and pour so that it can wash my car so I don't have too! Work has been busy I mean baking wise! The first week of school though is always slow and people are getting adjusted to there new schedules! So that takes a toll on the baking but like cookie wise and frozen lucy wise we are busy! I can't wait to taste someone else's baking for a week! that will be golden!
Anyway! well I better quit rambling before I stop making sense!
K Crocker!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cupcake Fiassco! to the extreme!

Today! was a good day! this morning I had to make 16 cupcakes by 11 oclock! so I did white with chocolate frosting! easy peasy NOT SO MUCH! I made frosting and it was to grainy and rudely and I apologized I took out my pissyness on my sister and then she helped me the third time and it was to grainy! so I thought welll maybe it's the powered sugar! so I try a fourth time and I beat the hell out of it per moms instructions! and then it's still too grainy so finally I knew I was right and mom thought so too! so I left to get powered sugar! coke was there so I couldn't take my car! SO I jump in dads truck Geof is watching because he didn't want me to side swipe the dumpster! so it's 11:15 by then, so I'm pulling out and I hear WAIT WAIT!!!!!! it's dad running after me! I need my day planner! I'm like I need powered sugar! Finally he gets what he needs and tells me to hurry back! SO I come back with the powered sugar and I just couldn't help myself! MOM and I just busted a gut laughing! The cupcakes are finally done! Then I have my tuesday lunch date! and then I finish up by making cream pies which are coconut and bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies! they were perfect! <3
Let's just say I survived!!!!!!!!

Now I have to go but first here is a picture of my frosting mess and some other baking creations!
Peace out

Monday, August 15, 2011

who stole my sugar cookie?

well the answer is MWAH! I forgot that Shelly made me a "k" cookie and I ate it! Haven had like two peanutbutter cookies she would come and take a piece off of a cookie and end up eatting the whole thing because she loved my cookies so much! I know she works tomorrow so I'm scared to see how many chocolate chip cookies she eats.... dun dun dun.... the question will have to be answered tomorrow! but anyway here is a picture of my K cookie....
The second picture is princess Addi! she is my precious niece and after a while of working we went to hobby lobby and she was PERFECT!  but MY K cookie is for KCrocker and Addi even got a couple of little bites! she is only7 and a half months old and you can't be in this family and not like sweets!

ON Sunday or Monday of last week I can't remember which I also took a picture of three chocolate creams and put them in the shape of mouse for Knox! here is the picture! One day a couple weeks ago I also practiced on a chocolate cake layer that was a dud! and I made a peace cake! Geof called it Poop cake and even put a candle in it and said Happy Poop Day! LOL oh Geof I love working with him!
But I'm exhausted and I have to do my morning walk before work so I better hit the hay!
Enjoy reading everyone!
Pictures are stealable except the pictures of my niece and nephews! I will watermark them as mine I just have to figure out how!
Peace out

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The master bakers at our best!

I survived the week Shelly was gone! everything is back to normal until I go to paradise in a couple of week for a week on the beach in Florida! Shelly and I have mastered alot in our baking career and we get comments daily on things we bake! We are master bakers at our best! I started getting up earlier towards the end of week and I get alot more done! Mind you I also cooked something new from a cookbook my sister Macy got me! and it actually turned out! and my mom and dad loved what I made A recipe will come on the next post!
I just thought I would do a quick update!
K crocker!~

Monday, August 1, 2011

Beep goes the timer!

So with Shelly gone it has been wierd and I'm missing her very much but mom and I made up my bakers anthem! All around the bakery room kcrocker leaves her messes flours flyin the rolls are rising beep goes the timer! it's to the tune of pop goes the weezle!

Today I got alot done! I made cookies and cream pies and left by 2!
I want my baking buddy back!
It's not the same without her! ;)
Only 7 more days and she will be back!