Thursday, May 3, 2012

Howdy YALL!

Today was a great light and mellow day in bakeworld man I was like wild woman this morning knocking stuff out! I mean I had almond joys and buttermilks mixed before 11. Cream pies were made after that! I did four doughs, and dry pancake mix and I made three pans of rolls! 
SO that's all I was tired and I have alot of sinus pressure pain so I am going to quit rambling! 
TOmorrow the fun starts with catering! OH JOY!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hi peeps! ;)

Oh yes it's ladies day oh what day! today is a great day in bake world. Not for my allergies though I still feel like a truck is going to run over me! but oh well I'll get over it! Today I whipped up a batch of delicious chocolate cake layers! Then I did a batch of good ole pie crusts. Then I made two chocolate cream pies because we sold two lastnight! A little unusual for a tuesday but that's awesome! I have a busy weekend a head of me but this time of year is always busy with catering and the car show and stuff like that! May is usually a busy month and June and July slow down then it's busy again! Also we are waiting for the arrival of Miss Ireland Ann! She will be making her debut very soon! I can't wait to meet her. You know I get asked if I have help in the bakeroom the answer is yes and no! Mom helps me some by frosting cakes or making pecan or bourbon pies. I also do everything else myself. That's like Saturday I have to sacrifice about two hours of beauty rest and make 275 rolls for a wedding. Then Sunday I have Knox and Memphis in the morning so Haven can work a catering. SO that's the brunt of my busy weekend. Also Saturday night I will be watching LMN my addiction!
anyways I better go now cream pies need to be creamed and my 4 oclock duties on the floor are about to be done!
thank you!