Tuesday, May 31, 2011

today started with a bang!

So this morning I came into work and did the rolls and the case then I had to go to denton and deliver cookies because mom had to run an errand! then I get back from that I start mixing the cream pie coconut to be exact. Then I get the scariest call of all I have to go to Gunter because yet again my mom forgot to pick up something and take it with her! SO I walk into the restaurant hand her what she needs and I say " anymore running mom" I was actually serious! She laughed and said get out of here I love ya~! SO after almost using a tank of gas in two days running between two restaurants I didn't get everything on my to do list done today!
I also called sprint to only find out that my phone is mixed with the verizon towers and not the sprint ones so I got that figured out and they are shipping me a new phone! needless to say I may have to pay a 35 dollar fee for a phone that could have been fixed sooner when I actually took it in to them when the problems started a while back!
I got done with the cream pies cleaned up came home and did my errands in denton! I paid rent for June and July! so I'm two months ahead! YIPEE!
Today was good just busy running errands for my forgetful parents and running them for myself on top of my baking work!
Tomorrow is a new day and Shelly works with me tomorrow! I'm estatic! I can actually do dough and pie crusts tomorrow!
anyway I have to go rest my eyes and feed my lovely high maintance cats!
K Mae Crocker

Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm going to do a week long recap!

I have been behind since Wedsnesday.
So here is the short version
of the weekend and everything.
Wedsnesday Shelly and I were baking and the burner on the oven caught fire!
Thursday was rather mellow!
Friday was a light day then I headed into Denton for mom and dad to get dad the I phone and my phone fixed.
Saturday was the car show and Shelly and I creamed way to many pies but didn't sell any deserts bummer! :(
Yesturday I went in for 45 minutes because I was exhausted
and today I just had a mellow day yet again and left at 2!
thats the recap!
K crocker!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

today was one of those I want everyone to leave me alone!

My day started off great........

Then it started in the middle of making cookies dad would complain about his blackberry phone every five seconds. Since my dad likes to come and go as he pleases for the longest time I had cookies packaged and I didn't know where to put them!

So after I got that figured out and I was in the middle of scooping and I get " KINNNNNLEY" thats right Geof calls me to the floor for about five seconds. People were calling me like I was popular or something.

Then on top of baking for two restaurants and the donations dad puts on us during car show week.

anyway I had to call the employees to see if someone else would work for them.

I hope tomorrow is less stressful well I think it will be because Shelly will be baking with the cupcake,cookie and cream pie queen.

Well I think I have ranted enough
K crocker!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Cupcake queen to the extreme~!

To say that I'm done frosting cupcakes is an understatement.
I frosted 290 cupcakes in two days and I'm tired of cupcakes.
Tomorrow I have to make 250 Sugar cookies a little easier but I think I can get them made in one day.

anyways I don't have much to say because it's Monday!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

well I'm like behind! ooops sorry for that!

Sorry for taking so long to update again.
Things have been nuts......... We have had family in all weekend and we have been spending time with them. I have got one thing of donations down! Cupcakes were frosted this morning for the bakesale.

Tomorrow I have to frost 200 cupcakes and do pie crusts because today I had light stuff!

We have a busy week ahead of us with the car show. SO I don't know how much I will be blogging this week because of the busyness!

so I have to go now
night everyone!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

today is picture day!

I have some pictures that I have taken from my phone so...... today is lets have picture day!

1. is the cake I decorated without the cakedome lid!
2) the second one is the cake done with TLC
3. the third is the cream pies I creamed for Gunter!
4. The fourth are cupcakes I made last week so mom could see my frosting skills!

thats all for today!

K crocker!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Two days behind oh my!!!! ;)

Today Shelly had off so I came in by myself!
I had cookies to make so I made them and they are finished!
Yesturday I had a great day in the bakeroom!
Oh yeah I also made cupcakes and forgot the vanilla! oooops mom doesn't know so don't tell her! They still taste good though.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Today was such a breeze!!!!!!!!

Shelly called me lastnight and said that she had gotten alot done and I was so happy to hear that. Today I got in about 9 filled the pie case and was excited because I didn't have to cream anything. That is not the case tomorrow I mind you.  I wanted to make two pie crusts so I did that and baked the sugar cookies for the hopsital deliveries. 

Tomorrow I have alot to do with Shelly and I get to meet her dad tomorrow I'm excited.
Yesturday I cleaned my apt and had the best early morning with my precious nephews. 

SO today I thought I would update!

Roxie comes Tuesday and Lynn comes friday so I'm excited because we are getting a visit from family and we are going to be busy this week!

thank you
K crocker

Friday, May 13, 2011

The baker lives on!

I'm about three days behind because well Blogger had some issues with you seeing my blog!
Yesturday I frosted the best lookin cupcakes you will ever see mom even said they were awesome!
The other day morning Knox came and we went to breakfast but I started off a little behind because my nephew was a big distraction!

Today I got like 2 hours behind because Geof is gone and we had no dishwasher and we were short handed on the floor! so I had to go on the floor for a bit!

I know that I'm a good worker but my day was screwed up but oh well! it was good!
 I'm such a nice aunt because on my only day to sleep in that I get for a whole week! I'm getting up at 645 to watch my lovely nephews while my sisters do a run! ;)

anyways I have to go now
K crocker!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Well I'm the Cookie Queen!

Man this Blog business today is making me Mad.... well I think being on a different computer has alot  to do with it. Darn computer eating my sentences.

Ok where was I oh in la la land ok your right there too but let me tell you about my day.

So I came in at 8 because I worked late and I was exhausted. I did the normal routine and start whipping the dough and flour was flying and butter was on the floor. If any of you have baked with me you know I make a huge mess in the bakeroom and by the time I leave I'm literally covered head to toe in flour.
Just a minute I have to go and turn my cookies.Ok cookies are turned around because our oven is an un even convention oven and you have to bake stuff on one side for the half the time and turn it for the other half.

Ok now I really lost my self.

I got done with dough and Debbie came in to do dishes and I had her clean the hobart bowl so I could mix my triple yes triple batch of chocolatte chip cookies. I did them one at a time because those suckers are hard to mix and get to right consistenty.

I got done mixing them then I cleaned up swept and the whole nine yards and went on a lunch date with Bonnie. We went and had mexican food and it was awesome. I got to ride in her little smart car. I think mom needs one for going around town and stuff.

I came back and I just got done putting the last batch of cookies on the trays and I'm baking them so mom and I can have our date to denton.

My favorite two year old is coming to spend the night with us tonight. I will probably have a bake partner some time in the morning.

Knox will do more then help he will eat the cream off the pie and eat the bips which are chocolatte chips in his cute little Vocabulary. But it's time with Aunt Kinney that counts not the mess he will bring to the bakeroom.

Anyways I think thats all for today!

tomorrow is cake layer and cream pie day!

thank you for reading
K crocker

Monday, May 9, 2011

It's a great day to be in the bakeroom

Today was extremely easy. I did rolls and filled the pie case and made cream pies because I had to be done at 1:30 because I have to work a split. So today was a easy kind of day. and It was awesome. I made 5 of each pie at a time and I didn't even mess up I'm so proud of my self I could jump from joy........

My mom will be so proud when she sees them they look awesome and glossy and pretty and silky......

anyways I don't have much to say today because I didn't do much!
K crocker

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy mothers day to all of the Mothers out there! ;)

Happy mothers day to all of the mothers out there......

Today started off rough but it ended up being a wonderful day in the world of the bakeroom........ My mom was there for while then she went to Gunter and I made crusts all day.......... I did abuse my self with the pie press and the bruises I'm going to have are going to hurt.....

My sister bee was so funny! dad gave us all cake and Aura wanted a strawberry on her cake so bee thought it was going to be strawberry cake...... Aura yelled No I wanted strawberry on my cake... we all just busted out laughing......... you really had to be there to get the jist... if you want to be in the funnyness just work a day in my shoes.......

thats all I have to say today
until tomorrow
K crocker!

Friday, May 6, 2011

What's in my world today?

SO... I had a wonderful day today but I did flop on my brownies so I had to drive over to celina and deliver them. I got a tip for delivering the brownies and when I got back to tell Shelly that I got a tip she asked me if I was going to take her to dinner and I said well we would have to split it 3 ways because mom made them and you frosted them and I delivered them.

I said well that is 3.50 a person hmmm where can we eat for that much a person? but after I got off it dawned on me I could just take them to Mcdonalds because mom and I can eat for 3.50 a person....... so anyway I came back and made chocolate cream pies. I did great I got to make 5 at a time and they TURNED OUT GREAT so that is a success.... my mess of the day would have hands down been the brownies..............

I came and made three chocolates then I went to run an errand for dad and then Shelby and I went and got snowcones... because if the restaurant, gift shop and Gunter aren't enough lets add a snow cone stand.... yeap thats right dad has a snowcone stand..... so I came back from getting the snow cone and finished the coconut pies and then mom started dough thank you head boss baker bit.......

I finished dough and cleaned up and went home for the day.... but since head boss baker bit was in gunter I toook care of the puppies it was fun....

then I went home to my kitties who I love so much....

My partner who I bake with doesn't want to be mentioned so I changed her name and I'm not going to disclose her real name... if you want to know.... well you won't so unless I post it on Facebook........ you will never know so shhhhhhhhhhhhhh if you know... Mom, and Macy....

Tomorrow I have my day off where I get to sleep in and clean and spend the day with my lovely animals so I won't be back till sunday.........

SO until then have a happy mothers day to all the moms out there and I will see you Sunday
K. Crocker

Thursday, May 5, 2011

K crocker in the hood! ;)

Today was a light and not so stressful day......
I was baking and singing my own tv tunes like sponge bob and lamb chops yall remember that theme song! this is the song that never ends!!!! well you know what I am singing and I was putting the peanut butter cookies on the pan and my mom stopped me mid tune and said oh Kinley don't start singing that song! so I stopped.... After peanut butter cookies the mess making started I made chocolate cake layers.... they were a success and poof they came out of the pan perfectly.

I had lunch then I made 6 choc cream pies well I can only make 3 at a time because I don't have 6 at a time down but they turned out good and glossy as mom says they are supost to look.... so I got er done....

Then it was time to leave and I was so excited....I had the cookies wrapped and was ready to go then I decided to cream two pies... that I almost whipped to butter but I caught the cream in the nick of time because it was still white and it still tasted good.... but if anyone wants to know how to make butter just ask and I will give you a lesson I have made butter plenty of times. Not purposly I mind you.....

I had an order for a chocolate chess and I thought I could just use the redi whip and be lazy but nah mom would kill me so I got out the whipping cream and whipped away.... I hate making cream for chocolate chess pie! I did it anyway because we are not lazy and we don't use redi whip out of a can.....

So that was the tal tale of my day!
K crocker!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baker post of the day

it's about time I start this thing up again because I'm the baker and this is a perfect place to write about the messes I make and the sucesses I make! like today I made dough and cream pies and I made a huge mess but I always manage to cover myself head to toe with flour! I've been in the bake room for about a month I have some things down and some things I don't. I'm working at it every single day and it is not easy to bake! It's not like your easy bake oven and pouf it's done! you actually have to do the mixing you have to do the scraping and you actually have to turn on the oven and wait for the stuff to bake!
thats all for today
ta ta!