Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's been a while! sorry for that!

Bakeworld has been super busy. I have also found myself a boyfriend. He is a good guy so far and his name is C. I have also had light days in the bakeroom because there is not alot to do. I am still making those moist and delicious chocolate cakes and those melt in your mouth chocolate chip cookies. I also still sing beat it when I whip up some frosting. I am also still dancing in the bakeroom form time to time as well. All in all KC is doing well. I have a few pictures to share!  As many of you know maynot know! I started a weight loss journey. I have lost 13 pounds so far. I have also found a new favorite food. Pickles. I eat them everysingle day. They aren't any points so I can eat as many as I please. When I'm hungry I just pop a pickle in my mouth and work away. I have to be careful though because they make me extremely thirsty. Also I have been making cookies and Cakes and cream pies. Tomorrow is buttermilk pie day with cookies and dry pancake mix also I have to make cream pies because I start preparing for the weekend ahead on Thursday. It's very busy because it's also walmart and sams day with mom. A few weeks ago my mom bought some spatulas at walmart because we needed them of course and they are truly a bakers best friend. You use them to scrape stuff and to frost cakes and other stuff I can't think of right now. I know it's been two months since I have written but honestly I've been busy. My car is broke though. It sucks. My nieces and nephews are doing amazing. Knox is talking our ears off, Memphis is just Memphis but his smile melts me to pieces, Addi is still a screamer but she is so sweet and adorable she says hi and bye to everyone she sees, and Ireland is already 2 months old and she is just as sweet as can be she is just so smiley. Knox Crocker hasn't helped me in the bakeroom for some time. Some of you know I'm a messy baker but he honestly puts me to shame in the messy department. We also have a new cake froster. I'm going to call her A. Milton is just Milton and he keeps me sane still. 
Well I better quit rambling before I stop making sense.

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